Thinking about your kids- in real time


* Call recording regular, WhatsApp, Skype and more on real time.

* SMS/ WhatsApp/ all the chats – in real time

* Full location in real time
* Surfing mail contacts appointments
* Block or open all the apps and have a full control over the target phone.

Download the Kidguard App and get 2 days free triel

Know everything about your child's digital world to keep them safe

What the app Include?

* Create a full activity log over time

* You can have activity reports sent over by email

* Logging and presenting daily locations over a map with time stamps.

* Full listing of chats and file saving (even if deleted from mobile).

* Saving of all file downloaded and sent from mobile (even if deleted from mobile).

* Full documentation of messages like shaming and syberbulling.

* Optional deleting or blocking use of programs on mobile.

* Saving 500MB of data per user.


Application settings

KIDGUARD APP is a powerful device monitoring, tracking & surveillance application for Android Smart Phone devices and IPHONE​

GPS coordinates

GPS coordinates

All Data can be uploaded to our secure, private remote web panel, sent via Email (through our mail servers, not the device) or via SMS / TXT Message.

Real time reports

Real time reports

With the KIDGUARD you can Track GPS Location, Monitor conversations, Track SMS & Call Logs, Record Live Calls & Much More

kidguard Dashboard


Report Data on your terms via SMS, Email or upload to our powerful web panel.​